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Youtube Like A Boss

For all the businesses, entrepreneurs and those who have been looking to add Youtube as apart of their brand. This episode, Devon X Scott will be walking us through the world of Youtube and teaching us how we can use it to grow our brands and also how to MONETIZE!

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The live episode aired on June 25th.

Key Topics

Why Youtube

Devon breaks down how & why he got started on building his Youtube channel. We will also dive into the discussion of why Youtube may be the best platform for you. 

Can This be used for business?

We answer the question of whether businesses should have a Youtube channel and/or why having this platform may be for you.


Can we monetize our Youtube channels being in the Caribbean? Devon will guide us through the process of the rules for monetization and setting up our accounts. 

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Thurs, June 25, 2020, 8 pm (AST)

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