Digital Transformation

For Caribbean Entrepreneurs & Businesses

The Technology Landscape

In order for entrepreneurs and businesses to take the necessary leap into the Digital Age, they must understand what the technology landscape is of their country and what they are able to do with it. 

Tonight, we invite some esteemed guests from the largest Telecoms company in the Caribbean Region. 

We Welcome Elizabeth Ammon (Senior Director, C&W Business, Trinidad and Tobago) and Kurleigh Prescod (Country Manager, Flow Trinidad and Tobago).

Join us at 8 pm (AST), as we discuss a variety of topics that center around our entrepreneurs & businesses utilizing the technology available to transform their businesses into the Digital Age. 

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Key Topics For Discussion

In order for our businesses to adapt and thrive in the Digital Economy, we must learn to infuse our businesses with the right systems.

Retail Transformation

With many brick and mortar stores closing down, many are wondering if retail is dead. We dive into the transformation brick & mortars need to take in order to survive. 

Remote Working

Covid isn’t going anywhere! There is also a huge need to cut costs and create a contact less environment and remote working can solve many issues. We look at what is needed for businesses to find success in this model.  

The Tech Infrastructure

4G, 5G…In the Caribbean? Many of our citizens have no idea what tech infrastructure we currently have available to us and what can be done with it. We debunk much of the myths and give you an idea of what tech you need in your businesses. 

Creating a Tech Savvy Nation

There is apprehension to adopting technology and because of that, citizens are slow to adopt the systems and tools implemented to help make a more efficient society. We will talk about initiatives and give tips on how our citizens can embrace technology. 

Join Us Tonight at 8 pm (AST)

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