The Buzz Suite of Ecommerce Tools

A New Caribbean Ecommerce Option

Buzz and their parent company Webgold have been around for quite some time and have worked with some of the biggest companies and banks throughout the Caribbean region. Their focus has been on building tools for institutions to create Ecommerce. In this session, we will not only discuss the state of Ecommerce in the Caribbean & Latin American region, strategies but also we will witness the launch of their new major project…Buzz Shops 2.0.

Key Topics:

  • Caribbean Ecommerce – Strategies, tips, pitfalls to watch out for and breaking down the solutions available to us.
  • The Buzz Suite – We will be looking at some of their existing solutions to help entrepreneurs and debuting their brand new solution…Buzz Shops 2.0.
  • The Role of Marketplaces – Digital Marketplaces are popping up every day, we will break down their roles and when businesses should join a marketplace vs owning their own Ecommerce platform. 

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