So You wanna livestream

If you have been one of the people following the start of the Digital Age back in March, you would have gotten to see the behind the scenes of how this all came together.

So what have I learned about creating a live webshow you ask? Well, that’s what we are going to dive into tonight!

Let’s learn how to livestream like a pro.

“There is nothing like a live audience...”

There is nothing like a live audience, locked in and engaging with you when you are in the midst of serving them. Doing a live webshow has definitely been a fun experience and I think if you can step into this realm and nail it...you can really seperate yourself and your business in your market.
keron rose
Keron Rose

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Key Topics

Getting Started

Why on earth would you want to do live video? Let’s dive into why you should, planning and the best platforms to go live on. 

Hardware & Software

In world where every platform has a button to “Go Live”, why don’t the pros use this feature? Well, we will be diving into the hardware and software they are using to produce their lives and webshows. 

Q & A

Bring all of your questions and curiosities about livestreaming to tonight’s show.

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