Getting Started With Financing & Investments For Entrepreneurs

Some of the biggest worries for entrepreneurs is getting started.

How on earth do we get capital or investors onboard for our great big idea’s! Where do we even start? When everybody thinks of starting their own businesses, these are 2 major fears that come up right from the beginning. Many believe that you need massive amounts of capital, months and months worth of savings or that they need to get investors involved right from the gate.

 So in this episode, we are bringing to the Digital Age a man who is well known and regarded in the business world. He is the former CEO of Invest TT and is the current Group CEO of Eastern Credit Union, Mr Christopher Lewis and we are going to have a really crucial conversation on what entrepreneurs should be doing when getting started in their ventures.

Key Topics:

  • Getting Capital – We will be breaking down what is needed to get capital, things to look out for when approaching investors and also taking a look at if we even need capital to launch our businesses.
  • Education – Are entrepreneurs born or are they built in schools with entrepreneur degree programs? We will be breaking down how people can become entrepreneurs and should school be a pathway into becoming one.
  • Support – One thing often overlooked is the environment that entrepreneurs need to be nurtured and supported when creating their businesses. We will be looking at the new initiatives being started by Eastern Credit Union to foster an environment where entrepreneurs can excel.

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