Content Creation In The Digital Age

The Award Winning Journalist

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Ricqcolia Phillips, she is someone who leaves an unforgettable impression on you. Her passion to promote and push Caribbean excellence runs deep and it is because of that passion, is why she won the 2019 Best Feature by the Caribbean Tourism Organization for her content on Uber Soca Cruise. 

Ricqcolia runs the popular platform Ricqcolia.com that focuses on highlighting stories of the Caribbean and is the Digital Content Manager for the Tourism Agency.

Ricqcolia is an avid blogger and Video content creator that is coming to the Digital Age with wealth of knowledge to share on content creation and How Todo it In The Digital Age. 

Key Points:

  • Picking a Medium – The 3 key mediums to create content on are Written, Video and Voice. We take a look at the different mediums and how to pick the best one for you. 
  • Content Creation – Thinking of the type of content to create can leave many caught in an analysis by paralysis. We look at tips & tools to come up with creating content. 
  • Finding Your Voice – Finding and creating your distinctive voice in your content is much harder than you think. We break down the importance of your content having a distinctive voice and empower you to find your own. 

Struggling With Content Creation?

If you felt like creating content has been a struggle for you, this episode is definitely for you. You will get the opportunity to see two content creators give tips, breakdown key tools that aid in our trade and ask many of your burning questions that you have on how to do the most popular form of marketing…Content Marketing.

Ricqcolia has definitely been one of the top content creators in the Caribbean for a few years now and I can’t wait for her to share her experiences with the Digital Age audience. 

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